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  July 2017

BC's New Government and BCREA

The new cabinet doesn't address all of BCREA's requests, but there are some definite positives.

After the BC NDP and Green Parties announced their agreement, BCREA reached out to both parties with key recommendations for cabinet organization.

To tackle housing affordability, we recommended a dedicated Ministry of Housing. Instead, the new government created the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. It's not dedicated to housing, but the portfolio does have more prominence than previously. The Association looks forward to working with the Honourable Selina Robinson to improve market housing affordability.

BCREA also recommended the new government retain a Ministry, or Ministry of State, for Emergency Preparedness. The government has retained a portfolio for emergency management, naming Jennifer Rice as Parliamentary Secretary, within the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, led by the Honourable Mike Farnworth. BCREA will continue to advocate for our emergency management and flood protection recommendations, including the advancement of floodplain mapping across BC.

Finance is another important ministry for BCREA, because it controls taxation and the legislation under which BC REALTORS® are licensed. The Honourable Carole James is the new Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier, and she brings considerable experience and knowledge to the role.

We see many exciting opportunities to advance our positions with this new cabinet, all elected MLAs and government staff.

View the full cabinet appointments on the BC government website, and read more about BCREA's public policy recommendations here.

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