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  April 2014

More Ways to Earn PDP Credits: Category C Expansion Research

Working in consultation with education staff from BC member boards, BCREA will be researching the expansion of the Professional Development Program (PDP) Category C education offerings to include industry-related events. This research launches April 2014 and will continue for approximately one year.

With the launch of the new PDP in November 2013, BCREA and the 11 member boards implemented a new A-B-C accreditation system. Category C currently consists of one sub-category – member board education events. For more information about Category C, click here. Feedback on Category C member board events has been overwhelmingly positive. REALTORS® appreciate the acknowledgement that such events deliver local, practical and timely continuing education that is not otherwise found in Category A or B offerings.

BCREA has received significant input from REALTORS®, brokers and member boards that expansion of Category C to include other industry-related events is desirable. Stakeholders have also shared that such offerings provide a variety of valuable industry perspectives that would be unique in the PDP.

As part of the research, BCREA and member boards will conduct a small series of one-time, PDP-accredited industry event pilots. REALTORS® attending these events will:

  1. Receive three, one-time PDP credits for attendance at the event, based on the following criteria:
    1. Submission of proof of registration, in their name, to their member board within 30 days of the event .
    2. Completion of a survey about what they learned at the event, and their perspectives on an industry-event Category C sub-category, within 30 days of receiving the survey .
  2. Be asked to participate in a research focus group about their learning experience at the event, and their perspectives on an industry-event Category C sub-category (voluntary).

The first one-time PDP accredited industry event pilot will be the BC Land Summit in May 2014. To register, visit At least one commercial event in 2014 or early 2015 will also be announced in the coming months.

BCREA and the member boards will be using data from these pilots to inform decisions about the viability of an industry-event subcategory for Category C in 2015. For more information, please contact the education staff at your member board or BCREA’s education department at [email protected].

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