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  October 2017

Cannabis Legalization: Have Your Say

The BC government's Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat is asking for the public's feedback on regulating non-medical cannabis in BC.

BCREA urges the province to create a framework to manage the property impacts of personal cultivation. When a property has been involved in drug production, people can be exposed to serious health and safety risks resulting from mould, chemicals and electrical fires. Properties used in drug operations also often become stigmatized, which can result in financing and insurance challenges.

BC currently has no provincial standards for remediating and certifying properties that have been used to produce drugs. There's also no consistency across the province for learning about a property's history of drug production.

The government discussion paper for this consultation offers several options for regulating personal cultivation. BCREA supports outdoor cultivation, assuming soil isn't contaminated, and also a registration system for properties used for personal cultivation.

In addition, because enforcement of personal cultivation will be challenging, at best, BCREA strongly believes the provincial government needs to develop a centralized, consistent process for remediation of buildings used in drug operations, to ensure these buildings are safe for people. BCREA has commissioned research to determine what such a program could look like.

The consultation deadline is November 1. BCREA encourages stakeholders and the public to make submissions to the Secretariat, or complete the online survey. For more information, click here.

Read BCREA's position here.

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